Debit & Credit User Guide

Before You Begin


Debit & Credit was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. Still, there are situations when a user guide could be helpful for any app. If you have a specific question and you can't find the answer in this guide or in the FAQ, please contact


The guide consists of the following sections:

Getting Started

- Creating Accounts

- iOS App Interface

- Mac App Interface

- Apple Watch App Interface


- Creating Transactions

- Editing Transactions

- Deleting Transactions

- Duplicating Transactions

- Refunding Transactions

- Pending Transactions


- Creating Budgets

- Budget Report


- Creating Scheduled Transactions

- Actions on Scheduled Transactions

- Balance Forecasting


Advanced Features

- Split Categories

- Transaction Attachments

- Transaction Tags

- Statement Reconciliation

- Widgets

- Payee Locations

- Search Operators

- Siri

- Voice Shortcuts

- Tips & Tricks

- Hot Keys

Import & Export

- How To Import Files

- Converting Transactions Into Transfers

Managing Your Data

- Metadata

- iCloud Sync

- Shared Accounts

- Backups

- Security PIN