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Siri Shortcuts

How Siri Shortcuts Work

A Siri shortcut is a short voice command that you use with Siri to create a specific new transaction in Debit & Credit. You need to create your own Siri shortcuts in the app before using them.

When Siri Shortcuts Are Useful

Siri shortcuts are useful for transactions that you create frequently. Example: John loves latte, he always buys it from a particular coffee store for $4. He created a Siri shortcut for that transaction and every time he tells Siri "Latte" a new expense for $4 with category "Coffee" is created in the app.

If you are using iOS 13 or later, you can be even more flexible. You can create a Siri shortcut without a pre-defined amount. Once you run that shortcut, Siri will ask you about the amount and will create a new transaction with it.

How to Create a Siri Shortcut

Tap on any transaction in the app and select "Add Siri Shortcut". To manage your existing shortcuts, open the app settings, select advanced settings and then Siri shortcuts.

Siri Shortcuts on Apple Watch

Siri shortcuts can be also triggered from Apple Watch if you are running watchOS 5. Starting from watchOS 6 Siri shortcuts don't work on Apple Watch.


You need to be running version 2.8 of Debit Credit on iOS 12 or later. For Apple Watch, you need watchOS 5.

Integration With Apple Shortcuts

Starting from iOS 13, you can open Shortcuts app and create your own shortcut with Debit & Credit "Create a Transaction" action. If you running an older version of iOS, you can use URL schemes supported by the app. Read more.

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