Debit & Credit User Guide

Calendar Integration

Scheduled Transactions in the Calendar App

Debit & Credit can include your scheduled transactions into a system calendar. It will only work with the Apple Calendar app.

To use this feature, enable the "Include Into Calendar" option. The option is available when creating or editing a scheduled transaction. You will see an event created in a calendar with the relevant due date.

How It Works

The app creates a separate calendar called "Debit & Credit". It is a local calendar that is not synced by itself to your other devices. That means that you need to run the app on a device to get its calendar updated (on that device).

You are not supposed to make any changes to the Debit & Credit calendar or events. The app will remove any events or changes made externally to its calendar.

Important: There is a problem in iOS 14 when sometimes a calendar created by Debit & Credit is removed by iOS. We are looking for a solution to this problem, in the meantime the workaround is to open the app. This will re-create the missing calendar.

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