Debit & Credit User Guide

Converting Transactions Into Transfers

When You Will Need That

File import is an essential part of Debit & Credit. Sometimes after importing a file from a single financial institution, you will end up in a situation when transfers in that file were provided as regular income or expense transactions (and therefore they were imported in the app in the same manner). You can fix this problem by converting your expense or income transactions to transfers in the Mac version of the app.

Direct Conversion

This option is available when you have imported more than one file and all "halves" of your transfers are available for the conversion in the app. In other words, this option allows you to convert two transactions (one expense and one income) into a transfer. All you need to do in this case is to switch to all accounts view in the app, select the relevant imported transactions, perform a right click and select "Convert to Transfer".

Indirect Conversion

This alternative option should be used in the case when you have imported only a single "half" of a transfer. You need to do is to right click the relevant transaction and select "Convert to Transfer". The app will ask you to select an account for the missing "half" to create a transfer with. You can convert multiple transactions at once.

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