Debit & Credit User Guide

Duplicating Transactions

When to Use Duplication

When you are about to create a transaction that exactly matches an existing transaction in the app, it might be faster duplicating it instead. Duplication allows you to create an identical copy of the original transaction. The only difference would be the date of the transaction: the current date will be used instead.

Please note that only a single transaction can be duplicated at once.

If you find yourself frequently duplicating the same transaction, it might be a good idea to consider creating a scheduled transaction instead.

How to Duplicate Transactions in macOS

To duplicate a transaction in macOS, right click it and select "Duplicate" from the menu. You can also use the hot key for this action: ⌘ + D.

How to Duplicate Transactions in iOS

To duplicate a transaction in iOS, tap a transaction and select "Duplicate".

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