Debit & Credit User Guide

Upcoming Transactions

What Are Upcoming Transactions?

Upcoming transactions are your scheduled transactions that are going to be created soon. For instance, if you have a scheduled transaction for next Monday, an upcoming transaction for that day will be created. Similarly, if a scheduled transaction is set to repeat every week or month, upcoming transactions for those days will be also created.

Why Are They Useful?

Upcoming transactions are displayed right in your accounts next to already recorded regular transactions. Together with the running account balance (that you can also enable), they make forecasting your future account balance easy. You can display upcoming transactions either for the next month, next quarter, or next year.

How To Use Them?

To enable upcoming transactions in iOS, select an account to display its transactions and tap on the options button (rounded circle with three dots). You will see the option to enable upcoming transactions.

Please note that if you select an account that already has upcoming transactions, you won't see them until you scroll the list of your transactions up.

To enable upcoming transactions in macOS, use the "View" menu in the menu bar.

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