Debit & Credit User Guide

Import & Export

Where to Find These Features

To import or export transactions in the Mac app, please use the "Import / Export" menu in the menu bar. In the iOS app, these features are available in the app settings.

Debit & Credit Export Menu

The following file formats are supported: CSV, QIF, QFX, OFX. It could be a file from a financial institution or another personal finance app in case if you are migrating to Debit & Credit. Learn how to import files.

Export as CSV

The app will export transactions to a CSV file, which is a "raw data" file type.

Export to Numbers (macOS only)

The app will export transactions to the Numbers app (part of the iWork suite). This is the best option if you are exporting transactions for further formatting and printing.

Export Attachments

This option will export your transaction attachments. It is useful when you want to have your receipts saved separately for tax purposes.

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