Debit & Credit User Guide

Refunding Transactions

How to Refund Transactions in macOS

To refund a transaction in macOS, right click it and select "Refund" from the menu. You can also use the hot key for this action: ⌘ + R.

How to Refund Transactions in iOS

To refund a transaction in iOS, tap a transaction and select "Refund".

Effective Date

When creating a refund for an existing transaction, the app will allow you to set an "effective date" for it. This is the date that will be used for reports and plan calculations. Consider the following example: you buy something in January and then later sell it in March. When creating a refund transaction for the sale, you want that transaction to be accounted for as if it was recorded in January (you want reports to indicate decreased expense in January and not in March).

Things to Consider

You should not change the category when creating a refund in order for the refund to be properly recorded into the original category. You can change the amount in case of a partial refund.

You can delete some of the categories when creating a refund for a transaction that includes multiple (split) categories.

Please note that only a single transaction can be refunded at once.

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