Debit & Credit User Guide


Clarity & Descriptiveness

We believe in reports that are easy to read and understand. Unlike some of our competitors, we don't provide undescriptive names for reports. Every report title in Debit & Credit is self-explanatory and you can understand why would you need a specific report and what it does even before using it for the first time.

Report Settings

Almost every report has several parameters that you can adjust in its settings. Depending on the type of report, it could be a time period, a breakdown mode, grouping and other options.

You can always change default report settings. To do that, make necessary changes to the settings and enable the "Save as Default Settings" option. Please note that the settings are different for every report type and they are not synced via iCloud.

Excluding Items From a Report

Sometimes you might want to exclude particular items from a report. To do that in macOS, right click an item in the existing report and select the relevant option. In iOS, you need to tap and hold on an item.

Once you exclude an item, a new report will be generated. Excluding items is supported in the following reports: "What do I spend my money on?", "What are my sources of income?", "Where do I spend my money?".

Reordering Reports

You can reorder reports in the report list. Just drag and drop one report on top of another to reorder them.

Two Reports Side by Side

This is very useful when you want to compare expenses between two different time periods. When adding a second report, the app will automatically suggest the most relevant date period for it. For example, if you are looking at your expenses for this year, the second report will open for the previous year.

This option is available only on iPad and Mac and for a limited number of reports. If a second report can be added, you will see a button for that in the top right corner of the screen.

Sharing and Printing

Reports in Debit & Credit can be shared, printed or saved to PDF files. To share or print a report in iOS, tap the share button in the upper-right corner when looking at a report. Once a preview is loaded, tap on the share button one more time to select the appropriate action. In macOS, there are separate buttons in the app for sharing and printing. They are readily accessible from the report page.

Handoff Support

Debit & Credit supports Handoff for reports, meaning that you can generate a report on one device (e.g. iPhone) and continue with it on another (e.g. Mac). Use native Handoff icons to do that.

Handoff requires active iCloud sync in the app.

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