Debit & Credit User Guide

Creating Transactions

How to Create a Transaction

To create a new transaction in macOS, click the "New Transaction…" button in the bottom left corner of the app window. This button is always visible in the app and has a hot key ⌘ + N.

There are a few different ways to create a new transaction in iOS. You can either swipe an account to the left and tap on "New Transaction" from the accounts list or you can tap on the "+" button when looking at transaction history.

To create a transaction in watchOS, select the relevant account and tap on either the "Expense" or "Income" button. Transfers cannot be created on the Apple Watch.

What You Need to Know

When creating a transaction, you will be asked to enter its amount and other optional attributes (description, category, etc) that are described here.

Some attributes, like date of transaction, notes and attachments are hidden by default. If you need to access them, select "Extra Options" when creating a transaction.

You can switch between Expense, Income or Transfer when creating a transaction (there is a switch in the top of the new transaction form). Transaction types are described here.

Use Built-In Calculator if Necessary

In macOS, start typing an equation in the amount field and finish it with the '=' sign to have the result calculated for you. Example: "50*20/10=". In iOS, you need to tap on the calculator button displayed in the amount field to activate the calculator and after that, you can use the same equation pattern as in macOS.

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