Debit & Credit User Guide

Balance Forecasting

Based on Scheduled Transactions

Debit & Credit can forecast your future balance based on your existing scheduled transactions and future pending transactions. You can either forecast your total net worth or specific account balance. There is a dedicated report "What will happen to my wealth in the future?" which is used for forecasting balance.

Please note that by default this report provides a forecast for your net wealth, a specific account can be selected in the report settings. There are shortcuts available for balance forecasting on some of the supported devices:

Balance Forecasting in macOS

Right click an account in the account list and select "Balance Forecast".

Debit & Credit Balance Forecasting Shortcut in macOS
Balance Forecasting in iOS (iPad Only)

Tap on the account actions button while browsing transaction history. Select "Balance Forecast".

Debit & Credit Balance Forecasting Shortcut in iOS

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