Debit & Credit User Guide


What Is Metadata?

Metadata is your categories, payees, tags and descriptions. These records are usually created alongside with new transactions, however, sometimes you might need to manage them.

How to Manage Metadata in macOS

Click on the app name in the menu bar and select "Preferences…". After that select "Metadata" tab and you will be presented with a unified manager of all metadata records.

Debit & Credit Metadata Management

New records can be created by clicking on "+" button in the lower right corner. Existing records can be edited or deleted via right clicking and selecting the appropriate action.

How to Manage Metadata in iOS

Every type of metadata record (except for descriptions) can be managed separately in the app settings. Please note that descriptions cannot be managed in the iOS app.

How to Manage Subcategories in iOS

Parent categories are displayed differently in the app settings:

Debit & Credit Metadata Management

Tapping on the right arrow will bring you the list of subcategories, whereas tapping the category name will open an editor for it.

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