Debit & Credit User Guide

Creating Plans

How to Create a Plan?

To start creating a new financial plan, select the "Plans" section in the app and then click on the button in the top right corner. It will be either a "+" button or a "…" button, depending on whether you already have a plan or not.

New Plan Form

The very first thing that you need to enter is your plan name, it could be anything you want. After that, you need to select the start and the end month of your plan. At this moment, Debit & Credit supports plans up to 12 months long.

You will see two different sections: Expense and Income. Both sections have a button to add a category. Once you add a category to a section, you will be asked to enter its expected amount and payment frequency. There is more information about payment frequency and why it is needed below.

Custom Groups

You also can group payments into separate groups. For instance, you want to plan your entertainment expenses altogether. To do that, you need to click on the "+" button next to the "Expenses" section title and then select the "Add Group" option.

You will be asked to enter group name, its amount, payment frequency and add then categories to it.

Using Tags

Tags can also be included in a financial plan. This is useful if you use tags for your trips and you want them to appear in a plan.

Tags always have a priority over categories in financial plans. Any expense with a tag will by counted under a tag in a plan, not under its category.

To do add a tag, you need to click on the "+" button next to the "Expenses" section title and then select the "Add Tag" option. If you don't see that option, please make sure that you have enabled tags in the app settings. You can read about tags here.

Payment Frequency

Every plan item, whether it is a category, a tag or a custom group will have its own payment frequency. Regardless of what you choose, its amount will be converted to its monthly amount.

If you select "Weekly" or "Fortnightly", the app will ask you for the next payment date for this item to make a correct calculation. If you choose "Annual", the amount will be divided by 12.

Duplicating Existing Plan

You also have an option to duplicate an existing financial plan. This is useful when you have finished a plan for a year and you want to start a similar plan again. Should you choose this option, amounts for the last month will be suggested.

Suggestions From the App

Once you start creating a new plan, you might see the "Apply Suggestions" button. If you tap it, the app will use its suggestions for a new plan based on your existing budgets, scheduled transactions and your average expenses over the last 3 months.

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