Debit & Credit User Guide

Apple Watch App Interface

Main Screen

Once you open the watch app, you will see a list of your accounts followed by "Budgets" and "Scheduled" sections. Tap on an account to see its latest transactions or create a new one. Tapping "Budgets" or "Scheduled" will open the relevant section.

There is also an option to display net wealth on this screen instead of the "Debit & Credit" label in the top left corner. To enable this option, apply force touch on this screen.

watchOS App Main view
Account View

Once you tap on an account, you will see its 10 last transactions. At the top of the screen, you will also see two buttons: "Expense" and "Income". Tap on the relevant button to start creating either an expense or an income transaction.

Creating New Transaction

It takes only a few seconds to create a new transaction. First, you will need to enter its amount using the onscreen keyboard. To clear previously entered digit, swipe the screen from the right edge to the left.

After that, you will be able to provide transaction metadata such as category, payee and description. When possible the app will automatically suggest payee with its last used category based on its previously saved location in the iOS app.

Because of the limited screen space on the watch, only the most popular categories and payees are available for selection. You can override this by going to the app settings on your iPhone, selecting a category or a payee and enabling the "Show on Apple Watch" option.

Budgets and Scheduled

Both sections provide concise information about your budgets and scheduled transactions. You can pay or skip scheduled transactions by tapping on them.

Budgets Complication

The watchOS app also offers a complication that shows your budget progress. It is not available for all watch faces and is displayed in the corner.

watchOS Budgets Complication

It will always display budget progress for the first budget in your budget list (budgets can be reordered in the iOS app using drag and drop). If the budget name is too long, the complication will have "D & C" instead of the budget name displayed.

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