Debit & Credit User Guide

Mac App Interface

The Main Parts

The interface of the Mac app consists of the following two parts:

Mac App Interface

1 - The navigation bar on the left side. It is always visible and it is used to navigate through the main sections of the app.
2 - The detailed view which could be different based on the currently selected section in the navigation bar. Most of the time it will be either a regular list of transactions or a transaction table.

List of Transactions vs Transaction Table

You can switch between these two modes by clicking on the following button in the upper-right corner:

Mac App Interface transaction mode switcher

The first view mode allows you to have a concise list of your transactions when the app will decide what information to display about each of your transactions. The table view mode, however, is designed to display as much information as possible and is highly adjustable. You can change the order of the table columns if you want. You can also disable some of the columns by right clicking the table header:

Mac App Interface transaction table column management

At some point you might see numbers in badges next to your budgets and scheduled notifications in the main menu:

Badges next to Budgets and Scheduled in the macOS app

These numbers indicate how many overspent budgets and overdue scheduled transaction you currently have.

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