Debit & Credit User Guide

Scheduled Transactions

One of Many Instruments to Make Things Easier

Scheduled transactions are a great feature that can help you with recording transactions in Debit & Credit. Think about a scheduled transaction as of a template for a future transaction to be recorded in the app.

If you have a bill or an income that has to be recorded regularly, why not let the app automate that for you?

Options for Scheduled Transactions

Scheduled transactions have almost the same attributes as regular transactions except for a few that are directly related to recurrence.

Start date - when a transaction should happen in the future.
Repeat - enable this option if a scheduled transaction will repeat in the future after it is recorded the first time.
Recurrence period - how often should a transaction repeat in the future (available only if the "Repeat" option is enabled).
Ends - enable this option if a scheduled transaction should not repeat indefinitely in the future (available only if the "Repeat" option is enabled).
End date - the date after which a transaction should not repeat anymore (available only if "Repeat" and "Ends" options are enabled).
Process automatically - enable if you want the app to record a scheduled transaction once it becomes due.
Notify when due - enable if you want to receive a push notification once a scheduled transaction becomes due.
Process as cleared - you can disable this option if you want a scheduled transaction to be processed as pending. This option is displayed only if you use pending transactions.
Include into calendar - enable to include this scheduled transaction into your system calendar.


John receives his salary of $3000 every month on the 15th day. He creates a scheduled income transaction for this amount with the "Repeat" option enabled and a repeating period of one month starting on the 15th day of the current month.

Mary has to pay a credit card bill using her savings account next month. She wants to be notified by the app once the bill is due to be paid so she can process it manually in her bank account. She creates a scheduled transfer between her savings and credit card accounts for the due date. She does not enable the "Repeat" option since it is a one-time payment with this specific amount. She enables the "Notify when due" option because she wants the app to remind her about that payment.

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