Debit & Credit User Guide


Your First Account

Once you launch the app, you will be presented with an option to create your first account. You will be asked to provide the following:

Name - name of the account for your future reference.
Balance - your current account balance. Regardless of whether your account has a positive or a negative balance, please provide a positive number in that field. The right sign will be worked out by the app based on the account type.
Icon - icon to use with this account. Requires version 5.0 of the app. On the Mac also requires "Show Account Icons" enabled in the "View" menu.
Currency - currency of your account. This is later used in case if you hold multiple accounts in different currencies.
Credit account - enable it if you are creating a credit account, this will make available options listed below.
Credit limit - applies to credit accounts only; optional field.
Show available balance instead of used credit - enable this option if you want to see the remaining credit limit instead of used credit.

Additional Features When Editing Accounts

Some of the features are available only when you edit existing accounts (they don't make much sense when creating new accounts):

Hidden account - enable if you want this account to be hidden from the main account list.
Negative balance - this option is enabled when your account balance is negative.
Exclude from net wealth - when selected, this account will not be included in your financial plans and net wealth calculation.

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