Debit & Credit User Guide


How It Works

Local backups are created automatically in the Mac app daily. Every backup includes all records previously created in the app, including attachments. Although you can manually create a new backup copy, there is usually no need for that. Older backups are purged automatically. Please note that there are no local backups in the iOS app.

Where to See My Backups

Click on the app name in the menu bar and select "Preferences…". After that select the "Backups" tab.

What Happens When a Backup Is Restored

When a backup is restored, local app data on a device is replaced with the one from the backup. The same happens with the iCloud data, it is also replaced. Therefore, depending on the size of the backup, it might take up to a few minutes for the app to complete the initial sync after the restore.

Additional Recommendation

In case if you use Debit & Credit on multiple devices, it is recommended to delete the app from all other devices before a restore. You can install the app back once the restore and the initial sync are completed. This ensures that the iCloud data is not changed from any other device while the initial sync is taking place.

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