Debit & Credit User Guide

Advanced Features

We have packed many advanced features into the app in a subtle, unobstructed way. Learn about some of them:

Split Categories - assign more than one category to a transaction.
Transaction Attachments - attach files to transactions.
Transaction Tags - an additional dimension for managing expenses.
Statement Reconciliation - reconcile transactions with your bank account statement.
Extensions - learn how to use Debit & Credit extensions, such as today widgets and share extensions.
Payee Locations - this feature is unique to our app, you can save the location of a payee for a faster expense entry next time you shop at that place.
Search Operators - make search results more granular.
Siri - record expenses on the go with Siri.
Siri Shortcuts - create Siri shortcuts for your transactions.
Hot Keys - keyboard shortcuts for the Mac version of the app.
URL Schemes - very specific feature for power users in iOS.

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