Debit & Credit User Guide


If you have a general question that is related to the core functionality of the app (using the app first time, syncing data, using budgets, split transactions, etc), please read the user guide where these topics are covered. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, please contact support.

How to change transaction date?

When creating or editing a transaction on a Mac, click on "Extra Options" and you will be able to change the date. If you want, you can keep the "Extra Options" panel always expanded by default when creating a new transaction. To do that, expand extra options, tap on the settings gear icon and select the relevant option.

I would like to share accounts with a family member (who has a different Apple ID). Is that possible?

Yes, you can use shared accounts for that. You can read more in the user guide.

I would like to write down check numbers with my transactions. Is that possible?

Yes, you can use transaction notes for that. Notes are available in the transaction form in "Extra Options" and they are searchable by the app. Besides, you can enable the notes column to be displayed in the table view in macOS.

How to record a credit card payment in Debit & Credit?

First of all, it is important to understand that a credit card statement payment is not an expense from a financial point of view and it should not be treated as an expense in the app as well. It is just a transfer from your savings account to your credit card account. That is also the way how it should be recorded in the app.

When you pay with your credit card (e.g. online or at a store), you incur expense right at that moment since you already owe that money and you will repay it. That is also the moment when an expense should be recorded in Debit & Credit.

Why not to download transactions directly from my bank account?

Two reasons. First of all, you are not going to get an accurate representation of your expenses if you rely solely on transactions downloaded from your bank. Your bank knows where you spent money and how much, but not what you purchased. Yes, you can make a guess about an expense category based on a payee but this is not accurate enough. Consider Amazon as an example: you can buy there pretty much everything (groceries, household, toys, etc) and nobody knows what exactly you purchased except you.

The second reason: it is a huge security and privacy risk. Consider this: when you provide your internet banking password to a service that is going to download your transactions for you, this service will keep your password in a decryptable view on its server. That is an extremely risky thing to do. It is like giving the keys to your safe to someone who seems to be a good guy, but you can’t be 100% sure about him.

You can read more about that here.

I would like to print out a list of my transactions. How can I do that?

Printing in Debit & Credit is limited to reports only. There is no way to print transactions directly from Debit & Credit. However, you can export transactions a spreadsheet software of your choice (e.g. Numbers on Mac) and then print them out from there.

The reason for that is because transaction history frequently requires a reasonable amount of reformatting before printing, e.g. you might want to remove some columns and change the font size to fit all transactions on one page. Therefore, it is better to use dedicated spreadsheet software for formatting.

How to record a transaction in a currency which is different from the currency of my account?

There is one simple reason why there is no such feature currently in place and why it is not planned.

Even if the app could use the current exchange rate to record transactions denominated in a different currency, the amount recorded in the currency of the account will still be different from the amount that will appear on your bank statement once the transaction is cleared. This due to the fact that foreign currency transactions are never settled immediately by banks, it usually takes them 1-2 days to clear your transaction with their own currency exchange rate (which is never known in advance).

This makes it no different from recording transactions with any approximate amount instead of entering them in the foreign currency. You will still need to edit those transactions to enter the right amount for each of them once transactions are cleared.

How to create savings goals in Debit & Credit?

We recommend creating a separate account folder that will include your primary savings account and your savings goals. When creating a folder, make sure to enable the "Show Folder Balance" option to see your savings balance. Within that folder, you can make transfers between your accounts and your goals to represent the amounts saved.

I don't remember the PIN that I set in the app settings. How can I reset it?

Please try the following steps to restore the PIN.

How to sync data via iCloud?

iCloud sync is enabled by default in the app. If it does not work for you, please try the following troubleshooting steps.

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