Debit & Credit User Guide

iCloud Sync

How It Works

iCloud support is enabled by default in the app settings. It works extremely fast and applies to all records that you create in the app, including attachments. One of the best parts about iCloud is the privacy that you get with it, nobody can have access to your records except you.

Common Troubleshooting Steps

If for some reason you are experiencing an issue with iCloud sync in the app, please try the following:

1. Open the app settings, select "iCloud" and check if there are any error messages displayed there. That might help you to understand what is causing the issue.
2. Check that iCloud Drive is enabled in the system preferences on all devices. Please also check that iCloud Drive is specifically enabled for Debit & Credit.
3. Try restarting your devices. This might help especially after restoring a device from a backup when for some reason iCloud sync might be limited.
4. In iOS, please check that cellular data is not disabled for the app.
5. In case if you using the Mac app and it has the latest set of your records (compared to any other devices), please try restoring your latest backup according to the instructions.
6. Please contact support if the problem persists.

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