Debit & Credit User Guide

Payee Locations (iOS Only)

Why to Use Payee Locations

We all have our favourite places to shop. Saving locations for payees allows you to have an extremely fast transaction entry in the iOS app. Example: John frequently buys groceries at a particular grocery store. He decides to save that location in the app. Next time he shops there, the app will automatically suggest that grocery store as a payee and groceries as an expense category.

How Does It Work

Whenever you add a transaction after saving your first location, Debit & Credit will use low-power GPS modes (cell towers and Wi-Fi networks) to check whether you are shopping at the known location. The list of payees will also be sorted based on the distance, facilitating selection if the right payee was not determined. This method is extremely efficient in terms of energy consumption, however, its reliability depends on the surrounding networks.

How to Save Location for a Payee

Select the relevant option ("Save location for this payee") when creating a transaction. Make sure that you provide a payee name. It might take up to 30 seconds to save a location.

Please note that locations can be managed alongside with payees in the app settings. You can also disable this location service in the app settings if needed.

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