Debit & Credit User Guide

Pending Transactions

What Are Pending Transactions

Pending transactions are transactions that are not yet confirmed by your bank. They are not used in budgets, reports and account balances.

How to Use Pending Transactions (macOS)

To mark a transaction as pending in macOS, right click it and select the relevant option from the menu. Alternatively, you can uncheck "Cleared" when creating or editing a transaction to make it pending. Please note that this checkbox is hidden by default in the extra options and you need to enable it via transaction form settings. You can also select to create new transactions pending by default:

Debit & Credit Pending Transactions Mac

You can mark multiple transactions at once as pending or cleared in the same manner. All you need to do is to select required transactions, right click one of them and select the relevant option from the menu.

The following hot keys are available for pending transactions: ⇧ + ⌘ + P to mark as pending and ⇧ + ⌘ + C to mark as cleared.

Transaction Filter (macOS)

Once you start using pending transactions, the filter button will appear in the top panel:

Debit & Credit Transaction Filter Mac

Please note that this button is visible only in two cases: either you have pending transactions in the list or the filter mode is set to "Cleared Transactions" or "Pending Transactions".

Uncleared Account Balance (macOS)

Once you start using pending transactions, the app will display uncleared account balance (calculated including pending transactions) alongside with cleared balance in the top panel. By default, account balances displayed in the sidebar will have cleared value. This can be changed by enabling the "Display Uncleared Account Balance" option in the "View" menu bar. If you want, you can also have uncleared running balance displayed in the table view mode. You will need to enable it by right clicking the table header:

Debit & Credit Table Header Columns
How to Use Pending Transactions (iOS)

To mark a transaction as pending, select "Extra Options" when creating or editing a transaction and uncheck the "Cleared" option. You can also create pending transactions by default. To do that, enable the relevant option in the settings (Advanced Settings - Pending Transactions).

A pending transaction in transaction history can be quickly marked as cleared by tapping it and selecting "Mark as Cleared".

Transaction Filter (iOS)

The transaction filter is disabled by default in iOS. You can enable it in the app settings (Advanced Settings -> Pending Transactions -> Transaction Filter). Once it enabled, it will be available in the bottom left corner of the transaction list.

Uncleared Account Balance (iOS)

Tap on account balance when in transaction history to switch to the uncleared account balance. Tap one more time to switch back to cleared balance. This feature is first available only if you have any pending transactions in the list.

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