Debit & Credit User Guide

Tips & Tricks

Mac: Total of Selected Transactions

When multiple transactions are selected, the total of them is displayed in the top panel.

Mac: Keep Extra Options Expanded by Default

You can keep the "Extra Options" panel always expanded by default when creating a new transaction. To do that, expand extra options, tap on the settings gear icon and select the relevant option.

iOS: Net Wealth Value

Pull down the list of accounts to see your total net worth.

iOS: Fast Transfers

In the account list, tap and hold the account name that you want to transfer money from. Then tap the account name you want to transfer money to and enter the details.

iOS: Reveal Hidden Accounts

Tap and hold the "Settings" item in the main list. The quick settings switch to show hidden accounts will appear. This option is handy for those users who have many hidden accounts that sometimes should be accessed.

iOS: New Transaction Gesture

While browsing transaction history, double tap the account name to create a new transaction.

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